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Další informace o historii Eaton´s of Canada a prodeji Jaw v Kanadě:
(v původním znění bez titulků od Billa)
The T Eaton Co. was a large Canadian company that sold items all over Canada by catalogue. Their catalogues were 800 pages and they sold every thing over many many years from small toys to prefabricated houses. They also had many stores located all over the country. About 1975 they shut down their catalogue system and by the mid 1990's they had closed many stores and were going broke. In 1999 they went bankrupt and were totally closed.
I don't know a lot of history about the Road King but I believe they only sold them from 1965 to maybe 1968. They sold a 350, 250, 125 motorcycle and a 50 and 125 motor scooter - all were called Road King. By the mid-1960's in Canada Japanese bikes were taking over. Japanese bikes were more powerful and were preferred for the North American highways. Also, Eaton's did not have a good service network for motorcycles.