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Několik informací od Boba McDilla v původním znění bez titulků. Hi Jan, I am a Canadian who lives in Western Canada. When I was 16 years old, my parents bought me a Eaton's Road King scooter. It was a 1965 Jawa 50 cc , 3 speed transmission. The next year I traded it in on a black CZ roadster, 125 cc with 16 inch wheels. The year after I traded this one in on a CZ 125 cc roadster with 19 inch wheels. Eaton's of Canada was the largest department store chain in Canada in the 1960's. They were huge with 1000s of employees. Around 1965 they decided to import Jawa 50cc, 250cc single and the 350 cc twin Roadsters. They were called Eaton's Road Kings. They also imported the CZ 125 and 175 cc Roadster, also calling them Eaton's Road Kings. They also imported the CZ Cezetta, although I only saw one of these models. They sold quite a pile of them from about 1965 to 1969 or so, I think. They were sold in the stores and also advertised in the catalogue. People from across Canada could order them and they would be shipped out by truck or train. They were good bikes, but a little old fashioned and down in power compared to the Japanese bikes that were out at the time. Most of them came in the red and cream colour , like your bikes. My scooter was maroon and grey and my first CZ 125 was black. After 1966, I think all of them had turn signals. Hope this gives you some ideas about the Jawa/CZ Eaton's Road King. Bob